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Gelling agents often referred to as "Rheology Modifiers" are an important component of any fracturing fluid system to impart viscoelastic properties. Guar gum is one of the most prevalent rheological additiove for this application due to its economy and efficiency in low concentrations. Guar powder when fully hydrated forms a viscoelastic linear gel capable of carrying proppant into the fractured formation.

SNAP Energy Ventures can supply both industrial and food grade Guar gum powders. Our manufacturers are among industry's top Guar producers thus guaranteeing very high quality and reliable products.

To further support our customers, in addition to powders, SNAP Energy Ventures can also supply slurries of industrial grade Guar (custom orders). The slurry form is commonly used by most well servicing companies not only due to its ease of dispensing (and metering) but also prevention of premature hydration of powders.

Our Guar products:

1. GelRite GN-4045 [SDS] [PDS]: Our 40/45 grade fast hydrating Guar powder suitable for oilfield applications.

2. CeleGuar 200A [SDS] [PDS]: Our high quality food grade Guar powder.

If you have any questions or need more information, please email us at PDS and other documents also available upon request. 

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