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Foaming has been a major cause of concern in the oilfield industry - from well head - all the way to refining process, storage and transportation. Unchecked, problems can vary from production slow downs/shut downs, process fouling, equipment cavitation, etc., leading in loss of revenue. Foaming can be controlled or eliminated with the use of defoamers. As the name suggests, defoamers are chemical additives that hinders the formation of foam that is used in various stages including drilling, well cementing, oil-gas-water separations, refining, storage and transportation.

SNAP Energy Ventures offers the "FoamBreak" series of defoamer products that have applications in well cementing and oil-gas-water separation process.

Air entrainment during the manufacture of cement slurries causes foam formation, that in turn leads to a number of problems such as slurry density variations, pump cavitation, non-homogeneous mixing and gas permeability. Our FoamBreak T-24 effectively clears the foam and entrained air thus preventing these issues without disturbing the slurry process or affecting the cement properties (such as rheology, strength, etc.) 

Foam formation also occurs in the oil-gas-water separators significantly reducing the output efficiency of the process. Our FoamBreak T-24 has been designed to uniquely break and minimize the foam formation even when used at very low concentrations. The "quick break" technology allows the product to have higher and better performance over other defoamers in the market.

  FoamBreak T-24. [SDS] [PDS]: One unique product serving two applications.

  Product Data sheet [PDS] available upon request. Please contact us.

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