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Our Polyacrylamide based "FlowRite" powder (DPAM) products are uniquely designed and formulated for a variety of application needs including (but not limited to) friction reducers (FRs), rheology modifiers, flocculants, dewatering agents, polymer flood agents, etc., covering oilfield, mining and water treatment industries. The product line incorporates a wide range of polymers including both anionic and cationic with varying molecular weights tailored to specific applications. In general, all products are engineered to be fast-hydrating (and in some cases can be added on the fly), yet delivering superior performance. Below are the DPAM products we offer -

1. FlowRite AD-10 [SDS] [PDS]: Economic low active fresh water DPAM.

2. FlowRite AD-20 [SDS] [PDS]: General purpose DPAM. Tolerates API type of brines.

3. FlowRite AD-30 [SDS] [PDS]: General purpose DPAM. Works well in low to medium brine conditions. Hydrates rapidly, therefore can be used without the need for a make down equipment.

4. FlowRite CD-50 [SDS] [PDS]: Our general purpose cationic dry polymer. Tolerates brines up to Marcellus with any hardness. Also designed to hydrate rapidly without the need for a make down equipment. 

5. FlowRite AD-70 [SDS] [PDS]: Anionic dry polymer designed to build viscosity. 

6. FlowRite AD-90 [SDS] [PDS]: Anionic viscosity building powder. Specialized formulation that enhances proppant carrying ability.

7. FlowRite SL-70A [SDS] [PDS]: Anionic viscosity building "slurry". Contains 4 PPG loading of AD-70.

8. FlowRite SL-90A [SDS] [PDS]: Anionic viscosity building "slurry". Contains 4 PPG loading of AD-90. Designed to perform in fresh to heavy brines even at low concentrations.

Product Data Sheet [PDS] available upon request. Please contact us

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