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Drag reducers are becoming an extremely powerful and necessary tool for pipeline crude oil transportation. Drag Reducers increase the pumpability of a fluid by minimizing flow turbulence and friction, thereby increasing the throughput by more than 70% with existing equipment/assets. 

Our FlowRite DR-100 is a proprietary blend of complex organic hydrocarbons designed to substantially improve the flow characteristics of crude oil in pipelines. FlowRite DR-100 is significantly different from standard / conventional drag reducers (acrylamides, alkylene oxides, low density polymers, toxic solvents, etc.) in terms of composition and performance. It has many advantages over conventional products available in the market.


Some advantages of FlowRite DR-100 are:

a) Shear Resistant - Components used in FlowRite DR-100 are shear stable and do not breakdown easily due to turbulence therefore mainyaining performance and rendering this a superior product.

b) Self Repair - In the unlikely event of shearing, FlowRite DR-100 has the capability to repair itself within seconds and revert back to its original structure.

c) Cleaning Ability - Due to the special design of the product FlowRite DR-100 has excellent solvency and helps to dissolve paraffins and even asphaltenes build up on the inner walls thus reducing other flow restrictions and keeping the pipelines clean (reduces the need to use additional chemicals).

d) Low Cost Economics - FlowRite DR-100 is typically used at very low dosages not only making it cost effective, but also safe. In addition, conventional drag reducers need specialized pumping equipment, while our product can be pumped through standard chemical pumps and filters. It is also non-corrosive to any metals used in the operation. 

FlowRite DR-100 is being extensively used by top tier companies like Exxon, Chevron, etc. A White Paper detailing the actual field results is available upon request.


FlowRite DR-100. [SDS], [PDS], [White Paper].

Product Data Sheet [PDS] and White Paper are available upon request. Please contact us.

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