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Our "FlowRite" EPAM (emulsion) based friction reducers (FRs) are specifically formulated to provide excellent friction reduction performance across a wide variety of brines ranging from fresh water to very high TDS (>250K) waters. They are designed to achieve maximum performance in very short periods of time even when dosed at low concentration. The product line also includes a viscosifying emulsion (VF series) that has superior proppant transport capabilities. We offer both anionic and cation emulsions. Listed below are the FR products-

1. FlowRite AF-110 [SDS] [PDS]: Our economic fresh water FR.

2. FlowRite AF-120 [SDS] [PDS]: Our general purpose FR. Works well from fresh to low brine (50K)

3. FlowRite AF-200 [SDS] [PDS]: General purpose mid to high brine. Tolerates brines up to 100K TDS in the absence of multivalent cations.

4. FlowRite AF-350 [SDS] [PDS]: FR for extreme brine conditions. Tolerates brines up to 250K TDS and in the presence of multivalent cations. Also works in fresh water.

5. FlowRite VF-420 [SDS] [PDS]: Viscosifying FR with enhanced proppant carrying ability. Tolerates brines up to 10K.

6. FlowRite CF-510 [SDS] [PDS]: Cationic FR for very harsh brines. Tolerates brines above 250K in the presence of multivalent cations.

Please click here for the FR Product Brochure.

Product Data Sheet available upon request. Please contact us.

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